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Scandinavia Company

   Automatics and Telemechanics Company LLC

ATM (Automatics and Telemechanics) Company was founded in 1997 and is still Karelia's only company specializing in designing and installation of computer-based technology management systems and, as part of the specialization, in energy accounting. The development of the Company has had no competitors in Karelia, the development of the Company has always been compared with well-known Russian and, sometimes, foreign companies. However, this did not prevent from becoming well recognized with the largest Karelian companies, like Nadvoitsy Aluminum Plant, Segezha Timber and Woodworking Plant, Segezha Pulp and Paper Plant, Kondopoga Pulp and Paper Plant, Slavmo Dairy Factory, Avangard Plant, Kareltransgas Inc., etc. Today, ATM Company offers solutions of computer-based technology management systems for gas, timber, oil and chemistry and energy industries, possesses good experiences in running and maintenance of these systems.

One of the developments of ATM Company is SCADA-type up-to-date universal decentralized computer-based technology management systems. The key idea of the offer is solution of the task of automation based on IBM PC-compatible equipment. Thanks to the world-wide spread, a great variety of manufacturers and compliance with the best standards, IBM PC-compatible equipment has the most optimal ratio of the price and performed functions. The open architecture of the system offered by ATM Company allows a Customer to independently do the job or involve new service companies for this purpose. A Customer never takes a risk to stay tete-a-tete with technical problems of a project implementation. The flexibility of the applied equipment helps do without revision of an existing project and plan connection to any hardware.

ATM Company designs computer-based systems for commercial accounting of electric power, natural gas, and heat energy. The complexes that provide for high accuracy of measurements, use primary accounting instruments manufactured internationally or domestically and supplied by ATM Company, In support of the high quality of the Company's developments, we may say that most commercial systems of computerized natural gas accounting in Karelia have been produced by ATM Company. Nowadays, ATM Company is close to putting into production a decentralized system of collecting data from accounting assemblies of power carriers. This is a new-generation product using principles of WEB automation.

ATM Company was the FIRST IN RUSSIA to implement the promising and fast-developing Windows CE-based technology management systems on the base of HMI terminals. What are the advantages of Windows CE? Without the well-known unreliability of traditional office Windows platforms, this operational system makes it possible to apply flexible tools for building systems of collecting, analyzing, visualizing data and allows designing and debugging software on a common computer. The traditional model of Windows applications, "smooth" integration and compatibility with other Windows platforms, applications and services are one more advantage of Windows CE. While using Windows CE, we have an easy and effective man-computer interface and intellectual capacity of PC, with the reliable PLC hardware.
One of the reasons why ATM Company is still developing successfully is that the Company orients at "trendsetters" in the hi-tech sector and uses component parts from the leading international and domestic manufacturers, including Siemens, Advantech, Pepperl+Fuchs, Wago, Omron.

The operations of ATM Company is aimed at the hi-tech sector and, therefore, the Company has problems with finding staff among Karelian experts. And this is the only factor that impedes the growth of the Company. But this will definitely not become an obstacle for the young and progressing Company and a lot of new discoveries and achievements lie ahead, especially since the Karelian Government pays acute attention to this topic and renders support. Recently, after a meeting of Petrozavodsk State University with the Governor of the Republic of Karelia a decision was made to speed up automation of Karelian companies and training of qualified personnel.

4, Str. Onega Flotilla,
Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, 185034
Phone: +7(8142) 73-00-89
phone/fax: +7(8142) 73-00-98
E-mail: info@1sim.ru,

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